I forgot to acknowledge the warmth of your smile
I thought there’d be time
I forgot that time is a commodity for which we have no ownership
I forgot to tell you I love you when I should have
I know I would have
Had time been on my side

I thought there’d be a tomorrow
Now I wallow in sorrow
And wrestle with regret
And battle a loss of a loved one for whom I forgot to express love
I forgot to close the back door
From within death sneaked in like a lowlife
To rob me of your life
I had a sibling, a confidante and a pillar of strength
Now I’m lonesome

Kept company by the amplitude of deafening silence
Full of emptiness
It slipped my mind to tell you I love you
I forgot that just as there is a beginning
There sadly will be an end
To remind us not to forget
To appreciate those precious to us