Through a lifetime of losses ahead lies my victory
I need to push forward and learn to endure
No hip of obstacles will deny me a beautiful life story
There is a trophy that awaits for me to procure.
Deep in my part lies a gold ore
Of which time to mine has not yet come
For long in this life I have heaved
And I now believe it is time I received.

No man is forever meant to grovel
But in life we were all meant to propel
Once in a while we may cloud our priorities
Such is the product of life’s circumstances.
I do not possess a heart of stone
Yes! I have broken a few of my own bones
Life has been my toughest teacher
The greatest lesson being never to surrender.
The time has come for me to shine
It is now that I have to significantly change my life
A long-awaited outcome
Has indeed finally come.
This I believe!