We look up to you teachers
We salute you, we salute you
You have our futures in your hands
Like a potter, you have the power to mould or break us
Then mould us again into valuable beings

Oh, most despised by all
Yet most valuable to all
You were created by God Almighty in a peculiar way
You have the patience, passion, endurance and love
That no other person on earth has

As we sit innocently before you You start to determine our futures
Moulding and driving us to where our destinies lay
Far away from our reach
We can only reach there in our dreams
Being doctors, pilots, engineers, business people …
But not even one, yes, I mean one, dreams of being a teacher
Yet you do not give up

You encourage us all the way
To reach our dream lands
Lands of great heights and prosperity
Contrary, you are unrecognised
You are the ‘other’ person in society
Worth nothing valuable
Yet you are extremely valuable
Your job is more than a calling
A mission which needs accomplishment
A mission which needs to be fulfilled
Fulfil it teacher, fulfil it
Do not lose heart teachers
For you are no less than Jesus
Who sacrificed His life for the whole world
Our lives will be doomed too If you stop to exist teachers

They give you many names I know
Don’t mind them; you are the light of the world
The roofs and walls are witnesses and judges
Of what transpires behind closed doors
So run your race well, you are being watched
Watched to be thanked or criticised
So run your race, for without you we are nothing
We are who we are today because of your endeavours,
So, be assured that the world at large salutes you dearly
Thank you teacher