A school in a slum
shattered and retarded buildings.
The headmaster’s role is not seen
cause the power to rule and control the herd has vanished.
Riots and fights roams,
and the big black cloud is suspended,
it rains with blood.

The lives of our children are at stake,
the school has become a battlefield.
Smack! Stab! Whip!
Kick! Punch! Strangle!
It’s an incident of body torture,
and the mob supports with audience.
Sounds of temptation comes from the mob
like a mixture of car hooters.

The school becomes an experience of 4D cinema,
where things happen in reality.
Day by day the police comes
to witness
and silence the pain.

The police tried to rehabilitate but yet they failed.
The events which happens at school
leaves an innocent soul terrified
and leaves one’s hope lost in the wild.
The community’s hope is that
one day a corpse will witness the game.