Sex you’re doing me
you make me sneak and sniff for bikinis at night.
You make me crave for a contagious fruit.
You make me a beggar begging for money.
You make me practice safe smooth talking.

Sex you’re doing me wrong.
You make me fall for every lingerie passing by.
You make me to think not of the consequences.
You make me admit to sleep with a prostitude.
You tempt me to rape and get arrested.

Sex you’re doing me.
You make me sleep with a slut.
A slut for lust wishing it to last but it was for just.
You make me promise fable to every girl I intimate.
When I get warmth and satisfaction I become uncontrollable.

Sex you did me and played me wrong.
I got the award I longed for.
Thanks to you I have 9 babies with different mothers.
Thanks to you I am taking ARV’s
Thanks to you I am rust.

Sex you did me,
I now know no!
I now know why they said no!
I now know how to control myself.
Sex you taught me a lesson!