How many times I requested
Meeting from you? How many
Times we spent time together?
How many times I held you near
Me? How many times I kissed
You? None!

How many times I requested
Your time? How many times
I sought for your true
Affection? How many times I
Longed to know you? How many
Times I needed you? But neither
To be found!

How many times I told you that I
Love you? How many times I called
You my Queen? How many times I
Called you my baby? How many times
I texted you? But all of that
Was for nothing!

You were a part of my dreams.
You were an athlete running
My thoughts. Our memories are
Nothing to be shared. Our names
Neither react to be bonded once
More. Moreover nothing
That amuse but hindrances!

I loved you beyond words
Themselves. I felt you, I
Furtherly longed to be happy
With you. Perfectly I gave
You all my heart.
I merely sought to be your
King. But I neither got

How many times we fell a
Part? How many times we
Stumbled in our relationship?
How many times you showed me
That you care? How many
Times I had grievances?
But still nothing changed!

I began to muse about our
Love. I started questioning
This kind of love. I endured
My painful aches beneath my
Heart. You blew my mind away,
I neither had good times with
You. What is the reason
To carry on with you!?

For how long I became patient
For this?
For how long I cared about us?
For how long I dreamed about us?
For how long I tried to gives
You all of me? Currently, I am
Thinking of giving myself
Away from you!

For how long I pulled you to me?
For how long I tried to build that
Love within you? For how long I
Spent my time for you? For how
Long I bothered myself with you?
Nevertheless nothing worked out
Between us!

The only thing that is running on
My mind. The only song that is
Pitching on my ears. The only words
That are held by my tongue. The
only thing that is seen by my eyes.
Is to let myself away from you!

This time I don’t have a reason to
Hang on with you. I don’t have that
willingness to persist on with you.
I don’t have that courage to carry
On with you. I don’t have that the
Same dream to share with you.
Furthermore, I Don’t Have A Heart
To Love You Again!