I wrote…

I wrote a poem about you,
The message is me
But the letters are you
The spirit is I
But the body is you
And together we are the soul.

I wrote you down
Not to cease,
But to view your beauty
On paper,
And display you like a billboard.
My love
Are the epitome of beauty
In my eyes
You’re the retina
I see through.

I wrote you on my heart,
My mind is clouded
By me then you,
We are one not two
Tight but there’s no glue.
The truth is we’ve never been separate,
It pains my heart to see me saying “we”
I could only write “I”
Because I’m not yet sure whether you’ve
Realised that you’ve an “eye”
To see my heart
Or hear the unison of our hearts…

…however, I wrote life
And you live in front of my eyes
And I enjoy watching you live

I wrote you…But you can write you too