Would I be alive
If I was born 3 decades ago
Would’ve I joined Rosa Parks
Would’ve I joined Martin Luther King Jr
Or would’ve I joined Malcom X
Black Privilege.

Am I attracting people to read this poem
By using past African American leaders
Black Privilege.

I mention Rosa Parks
Like I know her
I mention Martin Luther king Jr
Like I know him
I mention Malcom X
Like I know him
Black Privilege.

Malcom X propagated
Rosa Parks propagated
Martin Luther King Jr propagated
Nelson Mandela propagated
Mahatma Ghandi propagated
Black Privilege.
I am using Black leaders
To get likes on Facebook.

I am using dead black people names
Without their permissions
That’s my Black Privilege.
Black Privilege isn’t a myth
Black Privilege isn’t just a word
Black Privilege is my goal.

I will never look like
Harry Truman
I will never look like
Donald Trump
Black Privilege.