I am tired of begging for love.
I would love to apologise for being straight to the point
But I can’t, because that’s what I am.

Love can be so cruel at times
That you feel like you want to
Disappear from the face of the
Earth forever…

But every day I live
Every gasp of air I breathe
I live for you, but
You failed to realise that.

You treated me like a dog who
Just peed on your dish of cornflakes
I was even afraid to ask you for
Your hand in marriage…
Because you’d reject my poverty self.

But now, I’m a billionaire and I
Own half of your father’s shares in the company
You once threw me out the first time I saw you
You mistook me for a beggar that day.

Now you’re heartbroken, the same boy with whom
You replaced me, dumped you
And your nine-year-old son…
I can’t help but feel sorry for you.
Sorry, Stella.