Ooh what a lucky land
South Africa, a land
That has heritage and
Background, beautiful
Lands, seas, sky and
Forests. This is our
Heritage South Africa,
Let’s take care of it.

Let’s celebrate this
Great heritage South
Africans. This land
Was not mistaken, it
Was meant to be. Let’s
take good care of our
Heritage young generations,
As our great grandparents

We are very thankful for
This beautiful land of
Our heritage, full of
Amazing cultures and
Traditions. We are
Thankful for this
Heritage that leads us
In to the future.

So, women and men of
South Africa boys and
Girls of South Africa,
I encourage you to not
Change the way our
Heritage is. I will
Go against those
Who destroy our beautiful

Please people, do not
Destroy this heritage,
It leads us into life,
Take good care of it.
Our world wouldn’t be
Beautiful without it.
So please let’s take
Care and celebrate it.