Dear mama, where did it go wrong?
Daddy, what happened when you were younger?

Had I been raised by my parents things would’ve been,
I wouldn’t be in this state today,
Maybe a good memory would be playing in my mind.

My mind is occupied by this terrible film,
Always when it pops in everything become tense,
Every time it plays I wish the worst.

I was raised by my mother’s cousin
All these years thinking they were my parent,
I never knew anything was wrong,
And when I realised they weren’t my parents
I was in too much of a state to understand

Whilst trying to understand, a story came saying
I was bought here because my mom had many kids on her palm,
While I understand that,
I heard that she was raising someone else’s kid,
The very same sister I thought was my sister.

I asked myself: did they hate me?
Was I a mistake? Or maybe I am too ugly to grow home.

I wish I could have a chance to tell them
What was happening on the other side,
I wish I could tell them that I used to sleep on an empty stomach,
That they would hide food away from me until it got rotten and smelled

I used to go to school hungry with no pocket money,
I used to be told how useless and poor I was,
I have never experienced love in my life,
I have never experienced happiness,
If it wasn’t for alcohol I don’t think I’d be still breathing.

If anyone is a parent please raise your child
Even if there is no food on the table,
Love your children equally,
For they grow up to suffer,
I saw no fault in my growing until now.

Now that I have realised how I grew up
I feel sorrow every day, no day passes
Without me thinking and feeling down,
I so wish to die if it wasn’t hurtful.

I have no one to talk to, I wish I had.