he broke down my walls…with the strength of his love
it’s like a fountain, with flowers and weeds…
then the sight of doves
comes along.
it’s like those dreams…you find yourself in…
thinking you’re all alone, the man of your dreams, comes along.
it’s like the memories…that you forever cherish…
yes, it’s like the deja vu you’ve been experiencing lately.
it’s like those friends that are fake and eventually demolish
it’s like those moments with your friend…just joking and laughing…
then roasting and busting.
it’s like the kettle boiling, then you put your hand on the steam,
painful right? that’s how I feel when I don’t see you

my love for you is like that never-ending stream,
all I wanna do when I see you is just scream,
jump on you and hug you…never let you go,
stay attached to you…yes! I’m ambitious…
and it’s because of you…just out of the blue, I’m into you.
so funny how, we fall in love so easily…
but so fucking hard to get up and brush the dust away.
I see a spark..don’t light it off, I’d rather have to see it with you…
Argh, you feel like a dream come true.
be my ride or die…let’s not pretend and stop the lies…
the feeling is intense…the feeling is progressed.
I’m giving my love to you, don’t desert me…don’t reject me.

the flower blooms…the star glooms…in a million rooms,
I want the one with you.
can I hit you with the “roses are red, violets are blue…
weed is better, than dinner for two”
i see you smiling, I’m trying…am I winning?
I hope I do, ‘cause a dude like you…is like a million blues.
let’s talk about all of this, over a blunt or two.
and if I get hurt, I’m kinda grateful it’s you…
the best teacher…is the one you love the most!