For some it’s a bad day of the week.
A day the car broke down in the middle of the road
And they go to work late because of how slow the bus was.
Where some employees are fired or don’t have enough
Wages in the envelope/bank account on pay-day (talk less of a raise).
A day to receive divorce papers from Wifey after she caught Hubby
In bed with some strange woman (or even her “bestie”).
A day set to meet the witch-doctor again for a remedy against an enemy;
A charm, poison or love-potion (for next-door neighbour’s husband/wife).
A day to meet at the coffee shop after a breakup to reconcile and amend ways.
A day for some mothers-to-be to deliver the heavy bundle of joy
After nine months of pregnancy.
A day for grandma’s 92nd birthday
A day of joy and happy reunion with extended family relations
But are now close to lend a helping hand or a caring shoulder to lean/cry on.
A day of merriment and excitement.
A day of celebration, a day to host a baby shower.
A child-dedication or thanksgiving day.
Happy Sundays everyone
It’s all about S.U.N.D.A.Y.