I’m sure you’ve seen me throwing shots at my body.
You’ve seen the way I look
when I’m in the shower crying alone and wet.
I said it’s not tears it’s the water.
I lied because I knew you didn’t want to know!
You turn away from me in bed.
You come too late and never eat anymore.
I’m beginning to shift my butt away from you.
You drove me crazy but now you’re pushing me away.
Yet you still lie again and again!
To my face … telling me I’m the one for you … your only one!
And I believed you. Damn me, I hate myself for you.
I accepted your flowers to make me feel better.
But still their real smell was on your shirt.
You played around with him again.
You tossed me on the side for him AGAIN!
And now you let me break down on your shoulder
while you text him behind my back!
I still don’t know how I fall in your bed every night!
I still don’t know why I let you race my feelings.
I would love to give up on you.
Cause baby you play with fire too much.
You’re burning my feelings and they’re going.