The pain will remain pain until the storm of GBV is calmed.
I’m tired of this world of greed and selfishness
Where many helpless soul are crying to death,
While everyone closes their eyes.
Because even if they are open, they won’t be able to see.

Even though they see, they won’t do anything about it.
As a woman I feel the pain of a mother crying for her children.
I have a question as a woman: Who will stand for us?
Those who are supposed to stand for us
Are standing on us.

As women we are feeling the pain, though it might not be visible,
But deep down in spirit women are broken, the gut is no more.
Who will calm this GBV storm for us?
So that peace will be restored just for a second.

The pain will just spread like cancer – from one generation to another.
Until the dignity and respect of a woman is restored.
Will this storm ever be put to an end?
Once the trust of women is broken it can’t be mended like a mirror.
What is broken is broken,
But its pieces still reflect the image.

I’m tired of this cruel and unforgiving world,
Where a woman still smiles despite all the scars in her heart,
The same scars that drain the humanity from a woman
And leave her cold.