The reflection of what we look like,
The only trace of what our ancestors were like.
They say we are cold hearted, as if they forget the true identity of our meanness.
Hatred is that you? Why are we being painted with the same brush as you?
Where and when did we go wrong?
Why can’t we be ourselves with our own mindset?

When will this nightmare end? The cold blood between white and black?
We are the angry generation that only knows war.
Yes, we want to finish where our ancestors left off,
Who lied for us, and said we need peace and fake freedom.
No, you can take back your so-called peace and freedom,
All we want is war. The same war that killed our forefathers.

How can we all reunite and love each other again, after planting the seed of division?
Tsongas and Vendas were united and happy.
Before you destroyed our homes, and took our wealth.
Hey! Young generation, lets fight for what is ours.
Everything belongs to us, did u know they built their wealth using our ancestors wealth and their bare hands.

We are in pain, look at us! We are nothing before them.
The only thing under our name is our kids and useless qualifications.
We know it all – that we were once called baboons,
As if we are incompetent, like we are not worth it.
We were a blessed nation before they lay eyes on our ancestors wealth.
How can you exchange a mirror over a walking cow?

Where is humanity, we are living in the generation who speak through strikes – protesting for their own rights to be served.
They rob us of everything, our happiness and success.
How can we be happy hunting for jobs with no luck, day and night?
How can we succeed in a world in which education is not the key to success but connection is?
Education has been left as a sign of time wasted in studies.

As Africans, we are representing the powerless generation who can only see,
Because even if they talk, there is nothing they can do about it.
The keys to change and success were taken away long ago – from our ancestors.
All they left us with is the choice to cooperate and say, yes we do
In every decision they take for us, because we are powerless.