Like cream on jar, our love was pure
No perfection was needed.
On a slide, our happiness remained focused,
Magnification wasn’t necessary.
Through the smiling sun
We ran, we laughed, we played and we kissed,
Like sisters damn we were.
Now I watch as the pad tears
All alone in tears
While memories tend to tear my heart.

No squabbles, no confrontations but
Commenced with lies then excuses
Down to weeks of silence
And all in all
The ship sank.
You came as a ray of light, refracted in my heart
For a while then reflected.
With braveness you roared your promise –
“I shall never retrieve my heart from you.”

Now how do you explain the hole in me?
How do you explain friendship
That flourished like an apple now a residue?
How do you explain friendship
That prevailed like dawn now dusk?
When all was hay now all hail of hate showers my skin?
How do I say? “FRIENDS TO FOES”