When I think of current day society compared to yesteryear
It truly saddens me
We all struggled, hoped, prayed
And worked hard to get where we are today
But that was yesterday

When I think of what I see happening today
I wonder what went wrong with the children of yesterday
HOW did you lose the plot?
HOW could you lose the plot?
When you have so much inside of you
All deep in your heart

My vision for Bonteheuwel is that of hope of yesteryear
When we could play in the streets
When we could visit our neighbours
When we could hang out and enjoy the freedom that life has to give
Instead of living in fear of bullets flying past our ears

Bonteheuwel is a beautiful place
Filled with beautiful, colourful people
Intelligent people
People who can work with their hands
Think with their brains
A musical people who love to sing and dance
Who love to play darts
Who love Arts and Crafts
A people who love life’s beautiful art

Come on Youth
Leave the drugs!
Leave the guns!
Forget about territory!
GO out and educate yourself!

Let’s rebuild the image that has fallen from our Bonteheuwel
Empower yourself with books and knowledge
You can travel the world
You can meet different people
Broaden your horizons
Break down the “mind formed manacles”
Break down the chains blocking your brains

It’s never too late to learn
It’s never too late to sojourn
Take me up on the challenge
Let’s change the balance scale
To one of:

Freedom from current day oppression
Freedom from unemployment
Freedom from unfairness and inequality

Come on Bonteheuwel youth
The world is in your hands
The world is in your hands!