If it were me, I wouldn’t spend even a single night
I would be damaged not to even mention my imaginary sight
That situation and also the position really gives me a fright
He was engaged in a huge fight

He was one in a million, he fought for what’s right
It was excessively hard but he hold it tight
Even though it’s said that freedom isn’t bought but it’s fought Madiba bravely hold the forth
even though it wasn’t a must but he ought to fight

Madiba was good in court
But he ended up getting caught
And he was taught a lesson but he perpetuated persistence
They thought its better to make him an example

He went through the trouble
they made it double and yet he didn’t crumble
He was unique and special but he didn’t enjoy much of his life
because it was in a tunnel

He didn’t throw the towel
Surely he missed his wife and his uncle
but they had to accept he was in a war in a jungle
Sadly he didn’t spend most of his life with his loved ones
specifically, with his wife as a couple

It takes a genuine man
to make that kind of a sacrifice.
It was a long walk to freedom
but at last it’s in our kingdom
And I say long live to the peaceful spirit of Tata Madiba