Mama hid me when I was born
For three months and two days
She had me in a tomato box
She put blankets and made it warm
Her kiss on my skin nudging me to sleep
It was my home, three months and two days
It was my home
Daddy couldn’t find me when he got home
He wasn’t there when I was made
She hides me
No one knows
Mama’s secret
God forgave her for her sin
His blood had washed away her weakness
She was now brand new
She had paid her price
Her sacrificial lamb
Lay still in a tomato box
Always a good child
Put others always before
Don’t disturb the peace
You won’t know even when she’s there
A constant apology
Sorry for being
But since I started bleeding
Daddy started breathing
Heavy licking his lips
He says I’m ready
His returns are ripe
He counts fourteen years and seven months
Each day a missed pay check
I don’t wanna pay
Mama I don’t want to pay
Mother puts me in a bigger box
This time it’s my room and it’s warm
Her drink on my lips nudging me to sleep
It was my duty, fourteen years and seven months
It was my duty
Daddy can find me and get inside my home
He is here to make me grow
Mama hides my screams
So no one knows
Our family secret
God forgave us our sins
His blood paved all the way to church
We are brand new
I have paid the bill