It is time for learners to give us the way

It’s time you tell us that our endeavors in teaching are useless
Whatever we teach you seems pointless
Instead of complying
You show signs of being reckless
I mean you’re acting strange like you don’t care

You don’t care about your own future
You keep on undermining the path to your future
You don’t mind doing this repeatedly
I mean now and again you don’t care
Again, again and again
It’s you with lack of prioritising
While you all see that the world is in jeopardy
Economically nothing is ever going accordingly

It is time you testify what exactly you want
Demystify how would you really prefer your future to be?
Tell us what is it that needs to be done
To make you see the need for education
Take this life path with an eye full of dedication
Realise the fact that this will bring you into the blink of a profession
Yes! It is time you speak out