Every day I wake up being Me.
Oh, that depends who I am
with on the other side of my bed
The bathroom is my real world
I smile there
I bath there
I dress myself there
Yes I have Mirrors there
No one to judge anything of my being there

I step out of the room
All around my space
Yet I breathe

I smile when I am smiled at.
I halla’ back if I am supposed too.
Comes the night
I meet up with my friend and wear another Mask
I smile
I laugh
I cry sometimes when alcohol sinks in
Then comes that stranger

I will not smile to say I am not interested
A mask I use to say get away
Then I see a fish
that steals my eye

Then comes the MASK
I will make sure that he sees my Mask of interest in Him
Others call them Blessers
what can I call them

My MASKS work for me
Bad day or Not
They make my day
Sometimes I lose it

Show my real Face from these Masks
Then True friends see me
Then Questions follow
“Are you ok?”
“Do you need anything?”
“What’s Wrong?”
Then another Mask I wear
Says “I am fine”
“Why you asking?”

Do we allow everyone to see us
If yes, how does it help us?
Maybe I am broken
Maybe I just love my Space-Face alone
Yes, maybe that could Be.

There are those who really care
And yet the masks are always there
How do I show my real face?
How do I know that they really care for me?
What if they are on Masks too?

Which Mask are you wearing now?
Because I think I lose my face every time I am with different people
My Masks, My saviors

But Mask
works every time!