As far as I’m concerned
Education is never a key to success
But the mind is,
That is why we have uneducated rich people.

But the point is knowledge,
Yes you’re rich, but what do you know?
That’s where education fits in:
Be educated and be rich,
In that way you will acknowledge
The importance of education.

Education: it is the way
You hold the key to success,
Which is the mind,
There’s a good way of holding a key
To avoid risks,
Now take that opportunity to learn how.

Everyone is meant to open their own doors,
But the problem lies in how to hold their keys
To unlock their wealth,
They make millions but only benefit hundreds.

If I was President I’d send everyone to school,
In that way the World would be easier,
Less crime and neither drug nor alcohol abuse.

We speak about changing the world daily
But we don’t want education,
Remember once the original key is broken,
All the alternatives will be weaker.

I urge everyone to sit down and reconsider
The importance of education,
Youth, you’re the future.