Who are you to give up so easily?
Who are you to fight the battle on your own?
Who are you to commit suicide when you are in heavy storms?
Who are you to walk with a smile yet inside you are feeling like a grave?
Who are you to walk with tears flooding down on your face just to receive a web of sympathy?

Who are you to throw away your dreams like pieces of trash in a bin?
Who are you to sleep when others are hustling their way to success?
Who are you to cover yourself with fears, doubts and self-pity?
Who are you to choose defeat over victory?
To choose to go to bed with a hungry stomach?
To choose dancing to the music of poverty and sicknesses?
When will you step out of your comfort zone and be brave enough to face the world?
When will you rise up and show the great light that dwells within you?

Who are you?
Do you know yourself?
The true meaning of your identity?
What do you say to the reflection of your image in the mirror?
Who are you, really?