All her life she thought that she knew who she was,
But now she totally doesn’t know herself.
She has been making people happy,
Not aware that she is not happy herself.
She has changed a lot
From the person she was
To a person she’s not.
Now she’s starting again to introspect all over again.
People see her as a smiling and happy person every day,
Yes she is always smiling and happy,
But what they don’t know is that
She is dying inside with her kindness
And smile on her face.
When someone approaches her,
She hides her sadness behind her glowing smile
So that people don’t worry about her.
The hint of her problem is that
She shows people her kindness, respect, love
And even help them
But they don’t show her gratitude
Instead they are using her as a slave.
So don’t get worried when she changes every day,
It is because of what she’s going through in her life.
Even if she tries to tell someone to help her,
They won’t understand her.
She’s complicated and shy, yes,
But she doesn’t want to be alone
And she doesn’t want to feel like an outsider,
So she tries to fit in wherever her heart is happy.
But then she realized that “dreams come true” ain’t for girls like her!
Maybe she’s trying too hard to be what she’s not
Only for her not to feel alone…
But still her trying hard is not enough
Because people won’t see her as one of their kind,
Obviously you won’t be enough for people,
So how stupid is she, thinking she can ever be enough for someone?
Just like when the sun is shining so bright on a beautiful sky,
The moon will come and overtake the sun
And fill it with stars that dim the light from lighting people’s paths at night
The sky is still beautiful…
So she knows that she mustn’t try hard
Because she’s beautiful either way
When the sun is shining or the moon brings those stars
One day she’ll be enough for someone out there!
But for now she continues to put a smile on her face
And if anyone asks if everything is OK,
She laughs cause no one knows
That a joke is on her
And she’s dying inside with her kind
And a smile in her face…