You aren’t worth a drop of ink from my pen, so I won’t write about you
You aren’t worth a tear drop from my eyes, so I won’t weep over you
You aren’t worth a piece of my heart, so the love I gave to you I am demanding back
You aren’t worth it; that is a fact

Once, our friendship was a bundle of joy and happiness
With laughter cracked and anecdotes shared
Emotions in my heart bloomed like a wild flower in the desert
I could swear I was in love; I have never felt so much closeness
I loved without fear and objection, without hidden motives
No hidden terms and conditions, I gave it my all
I invested all the love I had

Your presence gave birth to stanzas and metaphors
About love that only existed in my mind
Every time our hands touched I felt magic in actions
Electrical vibes set alight in my system, weakening my knees, but still I loved
Heart-broken but still I loved
I loved with every joy in my bones
I loved with the fluctuations of my emotions
Bur I guess I loved very much; so much that love lost its essence
It lost its meaning

Because tonight, as I wrote chronicles of what was before what it is now
I came to the much-dreaded realisation of the pain your existence brought
I realised you aren`t worth the fulsome praises I sang for you;
You aren`t worth the love I had for you, so no more love for you
You aren`t worth the pain I`ve incurred because of you
You are worth nothing I thought you were
Farewell! God bless you