We said we want to own this world, and we do
We said we want to rule this world
Now we rule We fought for freedom
now we are free
Let us not be free-dom!
But free-clever,
Let us use our freedom consciously

Back then…

There was war between blacks and whites
Now that war is in my house
Sibling rivalry is what we do
Don’t you see that you are destroying the world?
Don’t you see that you confusing the youngest?

We said we will die in ANC!
Together we were conquerors Oh! God grant back our unit
we point fingers at everyone
We fight each other as dogs
Once upon a time it was Mbeki
he did this and that!
Down Mbeki, down!
Now it’s Zuma
He’s doing this and that
Go Zuma, GO!
Yes we are wrong
Promises are made but not all kept
But remember your history with me Ooh! God there are so many parties that we formed
But remember your wonderful audience
No party without promises,
Do not fall for promises but for a better tomorrow
Unity, unity
Let’s get together to our freedom party
And fix the mistakes
Mandela’s quote:
Forgive but do not forget
The more we separate, the more we give power to other parties Back Africans back
Together we win
But separated we lose

Unite Africans, UNITE!!!