I misinterpreted my silence as anger so I ran away.
I ran away from my fears, doubts & temptations.
But they keep following me.

Running away was not a wise decision.
Persistence was not my favourite word.
I was so impatient & angry for success.

I cried, I screamed but my voice was so feeble.
I fought to be dominant but I failed.
I led myself into a deep, dark hole,
Light was the broken thing on my pole.
I just wanted to keep running & running far away.

I forgot about my dreams.
I turned into a coward surrounded by the wrong crowd.
Family & friends turned their backs on me.
Crying and sympathy were my best friends.
Not sure if it was the beginning or the end.

Running away was not an option.
I shouldn’t have run away.
I shouldn’t have abandoned my dreams.
Running away taught me a lesson that I should never forget.

I shouldn’t have run away.