If they can talk about others behind their backs,
What makes you think they won’t talk about you?

If they can fake their tears and laughter for those they claim they love,
How do you know they won’t fake when it comes to you?

People want to be paired with their kind.
Remember not everyone you meet is like you.
Finding those like you is the toughest challenge you will ever face
You are going to lose every time.

If they claim ‘your their world’ but keep on claiming the same to the next person,
Why are you sticking around?

If they claim they ‘won’t leave you’ but you have heard that before,
Why stay?

If they claim ‘they worship the ground you walk on’ but they destroy that ground,
Why are you letting them pollute you?

If only we saw the world the same way,
Then all this war, violence, jealousy, pride and hatred wouldn’t exist.
All that would be left to exist is love,
Which is all that is needed to make the world whole again.

If only people said what they felt instead of saying what other people want to hear
If only we cared about our own opinions not others.
If only strangers didn’t dictate how we should live.
Then all of us would be alright.