When the road you are trotting on
Is slippery, crude, misty and stormy,
When the sun shines, but is scorching hot,
The shade ahead is thorny and…
Don’t give up, walk on!
For after the uphill, the road is downhill

When you try to smile but simply cry
When you close your poor simple eyes
Trying to sleep and forget
The world’s turmoil’s
But you simply stare and sigh, Do not give up
For joy comes in the morning
Just know that after the stormy rains
The sun will shine once more

Troubles, temptations, sicknesses and deaths
Are our daily bread
Like a menu, they lay on our tables
They taunt and haunt us all day
Like an enemy, they arm bush us
Yet in pain,
It is time to show our strengths and weaknesses
It is time to discover who we really are
Either by breaking apart or remaining intact
It works to break into tears
And shed the tension away
It works less to be negative
It works more to be positive
Not in one situation
For our experiences in life Are our greatest teachers we have

They teach us to stand
They teach us to find solutions
Solutions not to take revenge
But solutions to learn to love
To love when your heart tells you to revenge
So, hold on to your experiences
They are your greatest teachers
Remember it is said,
“A coward dies many times before his actual death,
But a valiant will never taste death”
So be BOLD and move on