His eyes prying on and I pretend not to see
I look away uncomfortably and want him to say something
Then he greets me and I greet back and I feel he has something to say
He became numb like a statue
Maybe my instincts are wrong
I walk away, I shouldn’t push him to
I shouldn’t show I’m desperate
Maybe my instincts are wrong
He doesn’t feel for me anyway
If he did he would have told me
My tummy has butterflies and I am flattered
When he greeted me I felt something
I want to be doing it forever
I forget about him when I get home and concentrate on my own life

Again I meet him same place another day
Why do I feel like he is waiting for me?
I look down again he greets me
This time he asks plenty of questions and had to answer
We talk about women and man in general
Did he make himself give attention to this?
My instincts tell me there is something he wants to say to me
I feel he loves me
Yes, we did talk
Why can’t he tell me what he wants to say?
I had the strength to force him to pour out his heart
Yes, he said he loves me
Inside me I rejoice, it’s good to be loved
But on the other hand I make it a joke
I do feel for him
But a woman never professes love to a man
No, that’s what our parents used to believe in
What do I do now?
Follow my heart
Follow the lead
And see when it takes me.