I saw you for the first time and I said nothing,
But when I saw you for the second time I said something.
It is when I said something that I got to know you,
And I became more attached and close to you.

When you were not by my side I started missing you,
Knowing that if you were by my side
I would be making you happy; teasing you
I started missing you yet you were not even mine,
But even so I made it my routine to call you at nine.

I don’t know at what point I slipped
But I realized that with you, I fell in love
Because whenever you were around, one thing I felt for you was love.
And then one day you heard me say
‘Loving you was never my intentions
But my eyes saw your beauty
And most importantly your great personality captured my heart’
Actually I never said that to you, someone who did was my heart.

My heart speaks because it possesses love; the art.
And yes I call love the art because not everyone is good at it.
I never proposed to you but I spilt my liquid love and you slept and fell in it.
I love you and I want to be with you
I have got no figure so I think you haven’t figured out who I am so let me tell you
I am that guy who, every day, wants to see you smile.
That guy who, with you, can walk a thousand miles.
I am that guy who loves you for who you are from the bottom of his soul.
Lastly, I am that guy, who will never hurt you,
Instead I will be your hat, covering you against the sun trying that is trying to damage your beautiful skin.
So I say, in your life, just let me in.
I would love to be in your world, you are all I ever needed,
Now that I am here my goal has succeeded.
Let us share joy and happiness together,
That way we can go further.
I love you, yes you.