De..liverer ….Savior
Breath of life.
Divine splendor, you who are where eloquence and grace resides
Where harmony resits long poems, inter-connected, entwined and fused with goodness,
Long lines busking in the atmosphere
Appeasing and alluring
Unrehearsed verses that stroke the heart,
the harp with every word striking a note

Melody in your presence.
A beauty unmatched with eyes that search the soul.
Fill me.
Be around me.

Deliverer …
Breath of life.
Potent spirit, thick wisdom, unsurpassed energy,
cleanse me, revive me, breath into me.
Give me life, Give me life.
Something afar from an arms reach.
Fulfill my core
Replenish my substance
and rewrite my existence.

Deliverer …
Breath of life.
Let all good things come into being.
Inscribe my name upon the bosom of your palm.
Deliver me from my evil desires,
Spare me from the will of my corrupt heart.
But school me in your ways.

Deliver my soul from sorrow and agony.
Deliver my body from exhaustion.
Dress my bone with flesh and cloth me with dignity.
Fulfill me with your spirit oh Lord.