Those with wallets chase after those with none.
Those with jobs are employed to arrest the unemployed.
Those trained are dispatched to seek out those with no skills.
Those in cars chase those on foot.

Those with houses hunt those without.
Those who can write document statements for those who can not.
Those who can read recite for those who can not their rights for them.
Those who can drive drive away with those who can not.

Those with multiple bank accounts sentence those without.
Those with medical aid determine the future of those without.
Those with life insurance make decisions for those without.

Yes, indeed it is those with.
Those that drive big comfortable cars
with warm homes and enough food to last the whole month.
Yes, the ones with warm belly buttons.
attired in expensive shirts and leather shoes.

Ahh, it is them,
With good bones
And enough to buy lunch.

Yes indeed the ones with gold cards and debit cards..
hahahahahhaha those that travel abroad and around.
The ones with cellular phones that are bigger than their palms.
Who have time to mess around with thick books and many papers.

Yes my friend they make the decisions.
It is not poor people that sentence criminals,

They are the ones that will ask you to give account for your deeds.
yes my friend.
It is not the random man from Kalstinfontain that prosecutes,
no way
Why should the badly dressed man make decisions ?
He can not afford to..

We are all equal
hahahahahahahahahahahhaahahh…maximum 100%