The gift I got from the above is very precious
I wish I could hold it with care and respect
Ever since I got it my life changed for the good
I feel like I owe everything to her
My daughter
If everything was in my power, you would not even cry let alone getting hurt
I wish I could always be there for you
I wish I would be there to show you the right way
Each and every day, I wake up in the morning to go to work
Because I do not want to see you suffering
My daughter
It is my wish for you to be like other children
It is my wish to close the gap of not having a father by giving you all the love I have
The only favour you can do me is making me proud
I am not expecting a lot from you as you are a human being and you have a right to be wrong
But you can learn from her mistakes as they will make her strong
And I so very wish that everything I wish for you could become a reality