Soliloquy 12: She told me to dream in colour

I once had cynical thoughts about the world
But then she came
Equipped with soothing words
Alas the pain was tamed

She told me to dream in colour
Even though my mind was plagued
With bad energy
And I couldn’t forget how I’d been pained.

She taught me to see the light
Because my iris was black
She came so suddenly
That I was taken aback.

“Self-reflection is key”, she said
So I thought back at a time
So grim, so morbid
I was in a dark space in my life.

Because no one ever seemed to care
I was beat down and abused
Some like her had come before
But their appearances, were all just a ruse.

But she was different
Her words made me fall in love
So pure, she must have been crafted
From a feather of a dove.

She told me to reach for the stars
I was suddenly filled with fire
She taught me a great lesson:
“Always pursue your hearts desires.”

So as I write these words
That speak of my past rage
I finally live in colour
And leave the past on this page.