You are a shadow that was once hid
In a pit of darkness that runs deep

You were summoned upon us
When we failed to take heed of God’s commandments and
When we failed to follow his lead

You haunt the living like a wolf that preys on the shepherd’s sheep

You are more unpleasant than you ever were
The time you first learned how to creep

You can’t take breaks nor can you sleep

You are obsessed with your work
You don’t negotiate or retort to any plea
You have appetite for our hopes and you feed on our creed
You have a violent clash with your rival “life” itself;
You are only loyal to your greed

Loneliness drives you to seek companionship
But you have already sunk that ship
Before it even sailed far on its trip

We keep burying everyone you lay your hands on,
And the pain remains behind with us to keep
You mock us with anguish and you laugh as we weep

You claim to bring relief from suffering
But there is nothing on this earth
That is more vicious than death