I wasn’t born as the rightful heir to the throne.
Because I love being a leader, I stood up,
not just to be seen but also to be heard and noticed.
There is no glitz without glamour but I was born a king,
not just any king but the African king.
Not just to rule the nation
but also help those in need.
Know that I’m sitting on the throne
which I didn’t warm up,
I am facing difficult challenges
on how to change the world.

My palace is where my people are and
my home is where my family is in Africa.
My nation is my first and last priority.
I live to inspire those who are not yet kings like me.
I live to make the world a better place for my people,
I live to support vulnerable people like me.

Africa as a whole needs my intelligence.
They also need my way of viewing things,
I’m not the African king to gloat but
I am going to save my nation from corruption.
I am going to make a world a better place.

Changing the world into a better place,
will result in people being independent.
And after that, I would know that
I have done my job as king.