I can’t stop thinking about it,
The burden my mother has on her shoulders,
All because you left her alone with me,
Without promising you would come back,
My life as a whole doesn’t know anything,
About being raised by a father

All of my birthdays and
All of my soccer matches,
I thought you would show up,
All those first-time moments I experienced,
Only my mother was present,
I don’t know why you ran away

Now that you see I’m succeeding,
You demand to come back into our lives,
After so many years you want a warm welcome,
If only you came back before I noticed you were absent,
Maybe I would have forgiven you,
Maybe I would have given you a chance

Absent father and absent memories,
I don’t even know a picture of you,
All I know is that you are alive,
There are no memories of you and me,
I would have said I have forgotten but
I don’t remember you holding me in your arms,
Thank you for teaching me a lesson I will never forget,
That if you are absent in your child’s life you are killing him inside,
Now I have to do better than an absent father