What a visitor!
A family member to each family
It doesn’t choose whether you swim in the pool of poverty or not
Where kids are left being orphans
This punishment is high and hard, God

I asked myself
What do you want from us, death?
We’ve got nothing but still, you don’t care
Maybe I should just take it that you’re doing your job
Sorry, but I was so amazed when you took one of my neighbours
I never thought you could hit the rich
I thought them your bills

Death should not be proud
Every week you happen
I hate the fact that you don’t care about the age…
Or about the breadwinner of the family
Really, dude?
You’re the devil himself, you just don’t want to see them out of that struggle called poverty

The fear of death got me thinking…
When is my turn?
But I just want to be summoned to heaven…peacefully
I heard that Christ can defeat you
And give us eternal life
So do your job as long as it lasts