I can’t sleep at night,
For your voice is having an affair with my dreams,
Your smile delights my feelings and escorts my heart to your Love.

Your heart repels tears from the valley of my cheeks,
Like your beauty that cheers my heart endlessly,
Like a bird that sings the melodies of my surname.

Your angelic voice beautifies my world,
For it’s dating my inner voice,
For it brings enormous joy into my heart,
For it makes me ecstatic every day.

When I was lonely like a wetland,
Your ocean of love swept my feelings off the ground,
Like warm air that rises to bring winter rainfall,
To the south of the Western Cape.

My love for you is deeper than the depth of the Indian Ocean,
Even a calculator fails to find the length of my Love for you,
Only because my feelings are genuine and sincere to your heart.