Yes, at last we are free
At last we got the same opportunity
At last we are equal before the eyes of law
Yes, at last we are free.

But, economically we are not free
Time has come for us
To go to school
Not to see our girlfriends and boyfriends
Not to bask in the sun
Not to smoke nyaope and dagga
But to Learn.

Ei, Ei, Ei!
Yima Ntombazana!
Yima Buti!
Let us think of our parents
Who always wake up in the morning for us
So that we may eat
And dress
And get a better education
And let us not forget that at the end, time will tell.

Like our late President Mr Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela once said:
Education is the key to success
And I say Perseverance is the mother of success.