dear mr. gangster
how do you do?
are you sleeping comfortably?
like everyone else should?
coz every time i hear a bang
i run for cover
as quickly as i can
i cover my ears tightly
and i wish upon a star
for a peaceful night’s sleep.

dear mr. gangster
how do you feel?
do you feel good?
covering that bullet in your hood?
i often wonder when the next round will come
and often when it comes
i somehow wish for the clouds.

dear mr. gangster
do you sleep well?
do you sleep well?
knowing that you are going to hell.
knowing that there is a dead life
somewhere laying down in a cell.

dear mr. gangster
do you want peace?
do you want peace?
for the future sake of our kids?

dear mr. gangster
do you have kids?
do you have kids?
and how do they sleep?
how will they grow?
knowing who is next on the roll.
how will they grow?
with all of that blood
running with their souls

dear mr. gangster
do you know you are making
your community weak?
and when another race
comes to take your wife,
lover, mother, brother and sister
will you run then for cover?

dear mr. gangster
does a gun make you a man?
does taking a life make you glad?
does the love of money make you mad?
will the death of your mother
and other family members make you sad?

dear mr. gangster
what is your heritage?
do you stand with your people?
or ruin them like neanderthals?

dear mr. gangster
i have a heart for all
i have a heart for young and old
small and tall
weak and bold
cowards and rogues.

dear mr. gangster
please let’s choose life
instead of death
let’s stop killing our communities
let’s stop counting the innocent deaths.

dear mr. gangster
i know you have a heart
i know you were once that young boy
who had a vision and dream
but didn’t take that chance

dear mr. gangster
let’s give our people
a chance
let’s take a stand
and make our communities glad

dear mr. gangster
let the violence end
let’s prevent others
from taking our land
taking our children’s future

dear mr. gangster
let’s take them by the hand
let’s protect our communities
by giving them a chance!