I was told I was shy growing up,
I wore that as a coat but I still froze.
No blame games,
This is my pain
The gain of believing poisons thrown at me.
I need a mic,
I’m hot
Please me give that electric ice-cream…
…if I confess my soul in front you,
I will weep but I know you will weep too.

Heart cries don’t need a tissue
If I told you,
Love is the wiper
And that homie is true.
Do you know the pain of being lost
While you’re the actual compass
And destination?
It’s not sweet,
Bitter too is not enough.
You feel like you’re sinking
But you the lifeguard,
Intimacy becomes a desperation
Just like a hated pet.

No love,
No hope,
No joy,
No peace
No laugh,
You’re dry,
Like a rope,
You’re being played,
Like a toy,
Just dark,
Like the space,
So hard like the ground,
So broke,
No amount,
No fat,
So thin,
Eyes in bridges
So dry
Like park benches,
Lips dark and dry,
And throat full of lies,
The belly is full their “doctrines”
Like graveyards full their “deaths”.
So mankind eats rotten things,
Things that were never theirs,
Teeth out like snake fangs,
Deceiving everyone who seeks acceptance,
Now folks turned decomposers
Busy eating this bullshit:
“The end is near,
Satan is here
Hell is real”
While all they’re doing is filling
These innocent souls with their fears…
…I’m gone,
I’m out.
Sorry for knocking your door
On my way out.