Back in those days
When we were still an item
Believing that we would be together
Till we reach our fates
When we had the power of solving our problems
And believing that any kind of mistake can be fixed
Till the day of a vanishing point of our love
I regret the words I spat
I even think of

Taking back the words I said
Thinking about you in my bed
Sorry for the pain I caused
Undeserving of you, I deserve this loss
Need to leave my feelings behind that door
Can’t wish on these stars anymore

Now I understand how you walked away
In my mind, the memory of you will stay
Sorry I didn’t know what was real
Finally found what is true and what I feel
Is not worth your tears
I always thought you would be forever mine

And I can’t cut all your strings you have on my heart
Because you said your love is no longer mine
I know you already forgot about me
You won’t recognise my feelings when I’m near
I still remember the things we used to do
I love the way you used to say you love me too
And I remember the way you let me go out of your heart
While saying you love me
I know I can’t mend your heart

Our love was good and strong
But for some reason you thought it was wrong
You broke my heart and set me free
But there is something that you just did not see
These things are feelings and they hurt
They hurt because you are not there anymore
You will always be the one for me
Even though we relate physically
You won’t be easily forgotten in my heart
And I know we took ambiguous paths
But I still think about you
We both broke our hearts
But never say never
And I can’t mend your heart