Creepy creatures crawling on the walls
When I open my eyes everywhere darkness lies
Silence is at large, fear roaming the room
My life is a crisis I’m living in darkness

Fumbling in the dark
dogs outside won’t stop barking
All my life I’ve been living
in misery and loneliness

Prayed to the Lord to shed me light
hoping His might
will get me through the night

Jumped into bed
to cover myself with a blanket
forcing my eyes to close
and escape this dark phase

I swear I heard some scary voices
saying he is stuck
he won’t escape
this room of darkness

My heart beating at a fast pace
nobody could hear me scream
my body stiff I can’t move
like I’m in a bad dream

Fear took over my soul and consciousness
Anxiety took over my brain
and left me feeling empty entirely
Darkness ruined the purity in me and left me shapeless