How can you mistreat someone you say you love?
Someone you say you will safeguard,
someone you see your future with?
How can you beat someone’s daughter
as if she is your own, even if she was?
How can you be so inhuman,
how can you do whatever your fury leads you to?
How can you not stop when she implores you to?

How can you when her eyes are full of tears
and she sobs asking for your forgiveness
for a crime she doesn’t know?
But you keep kicking her
as if you are scrapping with someone your own size.
She doesn’t do anything rather protecting her face
but you’re still on top of her, she’s powerless.
Stop! Stop! Please! But no,
your eyes are filled with abhorrence, full of wrath
is she your mother or your father?

Was she there in your past
was she the cause of whatever you withstood?
Is that the reason you do
whatever you feel like as if she’s your punching bag?
How can you, has she changed maybe?
Is what attracted you to her gone maybe?
Why don’t you leave her why don’t you leave her be?

Woman! Why could you not leave him
when he started to show the true colours you never saw
when he promised you heaven and earth?
How could you stay with him
after the first time he shouted at you
after the first attempt he made?
How could you dupe yourself
that he would change, he had a lot in his mind?
How can you keep on forgiving him
every time he says I’m sorry I won’t do it again?
He might treat you like trash but you’re someone’s treasure.
Leave that kind of love before it’s too late.
Before you leave in a body bag.
Before you leave the people you love
in tears, people who value you.
If the relationship with the person you so loved ends
don’t rush into a new relationship.
Some so-called men are jackals in sheep’s clothing.