I was down on my knees, Head bowed shedding tears
You take a look at my life
I have been suffering for years
Years of blood, sweat and tears.
The sins of the Fathers are inherited by the offspring
I am the Bastard giving life to the scripts.

Split from religion and slipped into the mist
Of the Beast, women cries and ghostly screams-
The theme at my arrival from the bottom of the pits
A civilized mind and a heart that bleeds
My brother`s keeper adopted by the streets.

In the gutters, for my bread and butter, I try harder.
Born hustler and I struggle further. I am a father.
But my sons will be smarter, immune to the system
That built their father. Institutionalised like my father
I lost my existence losing my Grand-Mother.

My blood line is alive but they would not even bother.
Why bother? On the streets there is order.
I surround myself with criminal minds.
Amongst us, there is respect and honour.
Amongst brothers, we are all soldiers

Through the eyes of a killer life is
Cold blooded murder and violence is the thriller
The blood paints a picture
A story of my life and dreams for the future
Trying to build a home, so my sons have their future

There is a war on the streets, Curses and blessings.
The ending days are near, The Earth’s about deceased
Infected by diseases, Gang raped by Politics
I was on my knees head bowed
Begging for my sins, praying for forgiveness

I lost hope for my future back in the teens
Like a new born baby, Thrown in the bin
I survived the execution, my growth is evolution.
I am the evil of Humanity towards itself
Termination of the nations and acts of invasion

I am the Depression of the natives
A creation from the seed of oppression
African Princesses gave birth to society rejects
Derogatory objects and the faceless subjects
In the image of the Master with a soul of the Slaves

I’m the hypocrisy brain-washing society
A dirty thought messed with filthy words
It’s a dirty world, Already lost her virginity in tragedy.
My uncles died for freedom. Sacrifices went in vain
The history is now a dying legacy, a lost victory