I met a beautiful soul
A caring heart
A golden heart
Phenomenal queen
Even though she’s no longer
With me
May “Her” soul continue to rest in peace

She was bright like sunrise
The best motivator
The best teacher
She was not educated
She had experience about life
My best granny
She was the head of the family
Leading ethically
A breadwinner
A great mother indeed
With her I never felt the absence of my parents

She was a guardian angel from above
She taught me respect, love and all aspects of life

My best granny
My heart was bleeding
When I saw her body lying in a box
I knew it was my last time seeing
Her innocent face
With tears covering my face
I made a short prayer
“Rest in peace soldier
Ya hao tema oe kgathile
O tshwanetso ke moqhaka wa tlholo”

My best granny
Influencer of good life
A good storyteller
Mother of the nation
I wish I had pictures
Or video clips
To show the role
She played in my life
Everything is written in my heart
The cave of my soul