Where do I even begin when the Genesis Chapter
of COVID-19 doesn’t even make sense?
Maybe this is the time written in the Holy Scripture when
those who have been disobeying the laws will perish.
Maybe this is the end of the world.

It can’t be, for we still have a lot to do in this universe.
Locked up in our rooms, hoping
that the anger of the world will come to pass.
Those trapped in the hands of molesters are surely losing their minds,
especially because of the unavailability of what they used to drown their sorrows.

Forgetting not those who cannot meet their basic needs because of
not having what we call the “root of all evil” since the only access to
that is only through getting out of their comfort zones.

There also those who escape their demons through religious institutions,
but are held back because this virus is much greater than their own demons.
It hinders the breath of many people in confined spaces.

The only hope left for the people of this land is prayer,
it is the only way to survive this horrific experience.
We cannot let COVID-19 crack the code of the Revelation of our Generation.